We absolutely love our site. More importantly, so do our customers.

Slim Sam’s Cakery

Slim Sam’s Cakery makes cakes in a cup that are less fat and even more delicious. The website we created tantalises customers with their tasty cakes and enables them to buy online.

6-2 design web design kent Slim Sams 1
The home page of Slim Sam’s Cakery website.

The challenge

When we met Slim Sam’s Cakery, their old website did not have the visual appeal to match the deliciousness of their cakes. Their value proposition was difficult to find, it was not possible to sell cakes online, and it was difficult to update their website content. Working alongside Slim Sam’s, we formulated some key goals for their new website: to start selling their cakes online to a wider audience, to improve the visual design to reflect the quality of their cakes, and to give them greater control over updating all parts of their website content.

How we helped

We designed a bespoke e-commerce site, slimsamscakery.co.uk, where the value proposition and USP is clearly articulated at the top of the home page. This instantly helps customers understand what Slim Sam’s do and what makes them different. The visual design strikes a careful balance of looking both up-market and hand crafted thanks to our iterative and collaborative design process, and puts the delicious cakes centre stage.

Slim Sam’s can now sell their cakes direct to customers across the UK via their website. New products, updates and special promotions can easily be added at any time via a carefully configured WooCommerce and WordPress Content Management System. The rest of the pages, including the moving home page image slider, are also fully editable, meaning Slim Sam’s can make changes the instant they’re needed.

6-2 web design kent Slim Sams 1
You can order cakes online from Slim Sam’s Cakery.

What they said

“We needed to update our website to include e-commerce and improve the look of the site to more effectively market our products. Having worked with 6-2 design on copy for our marketing material, it was a straight forward choice to commission them for this project. They were keen to learn about our products and guided us through the specification process to ensure we got the website we wanted. They came up with some great ideas and delivered each stage on time and on budget. We had fun along the way and we absolutely love our site. More importantly, so do our customers.”

Sami Patel, Founder, Slim Sam’s Cakery