Maidstone TV Studios

A responsive high impact website and separate mobile site for Maidstone TV Studios, the UK's largest independent live TV studios.

The home page of the Maidstone Studios website.
The home page of the Maidstone Studios website.

The challenge

The Maidstone Studios’ old website had been designed some years previously and did not reflect how they had changed or what they were offering. They wanted to redesign their website to help encourage new enquiries, project an image of being current, capable and connected as per the more famous/ London based studios, and to easily update the website content and news in house.

How we helped

We worked closely with the Maidstone Studios to create a bespoke website, In order to encourage enquiries, we focused on the key tasks of the target customer group: busy production managers needing to quickly confirm whether the studios had the right specs and facilities for the job or not. The key call to action on the home page quickly directs prospects to view the studio specs, where they can view the dimensions, capacities, tech specs, floor plans, facilities and the location quickly and easily all from one place.

Prospects can see dimensions, capacities, tech specs, floor plans, facilities and the location all from one place.
Prospects can see dimensions, capacities, tech specs etc. quickly and easily from one place.

Sections for Recently filmed shows, Memorable shows and History help to increase confidence in prospects by illustrating the Studio’s impressive portfolio and the variety of high tech shows they are capable of producing, such as Jools Holland Live. Contact forms to enquire about studio prices and availability help prospects make the all important last step of getting in touch with an enquiry.

For mobile users, we created a separate quick loading mobile site that provides people travelling to or at the studios with important information such as maps and travel details, contact numbers, facility information, etc. Both the main and mobile websites are integrated with a customised WordPress Content Management System that allows the Studios to easily update the site with new content and news.

A separate mobile site gives people travelling to or present at the Studios relevant information.
A separate mobile site gives people information about travelling to the Studios and on-site facilities.

Visually, the look and feel of the site is bold, modern and confident, with lots of full screen videos and image sliders. Mega menus that display detailed information about sub pages make it quick and easy for prospects to find what they’re looking for and give the site a modern edge. The site is also optimised for desktops and tablets. These aspects helps them to be seen as current, capable and connected and on a par with the more famous/ London based studios.