6-2 design were passionate about the project and provided us with first-class service.

Jessie Pavelka’s Health Revolution

The Pavelka Health Revolution supports people who want to live life more healthily. The online membership site we created enables members to read exclusive content, create exercise routines, plan meals, keep an online journal and interact with other members.


6-2 design web design kent Pavelka 1
The home page of the Pavelka House membership site.

The challenge

Jessie Pavelka and co-founder Jill Tipping approached us at the end of 2013 with two exciting challenges for the Pavelka Health Revolution. Firstly, to launch a new website within a matter of weeks to give customers as much time as possible to book their upcoming Pavelka workshops. Secondly, to build a scalable, online, interactive membership site called The Pavelka House, which would support people who wanted to live life more healthily, be fully optimised for mobiles, tablets and desktops and have their own private video sharing platform. Within just a couple of months.

How we helped

We created and launched the brand new website for pavelka.co.uk the very next month. Their first set of workshops were almost fully booked within just a few weeks, and the number of people who subscribed to their mailing list via the website quickly reached the 1000s. The visual design is friendly, approachable and modern. Comments and social sharing were included on the News feed and Blog to increase audience engagement, and the site is fully responsive, adapting to mobiles, tablets and desktops.

6-2 web design kent Pavelka 5
The Pavelka site has optimised views for tablets, mobiles and desktops.

Next came the bigger and more complex task of creating the Pavelka House – the online, interactive membership site. We worked closely with Pavelka to identify how the content should be categorised, displayed and structured so that members would be able to quickly and easily find information. We produced a number of wireframes, prototypes and mockups that reflected Pavelka’s values and ensured the site would be easy to use, taking into account the expanding amount of content.

6-2 design web design kent Pavelka 4
The Recipes section of the House. Categories and filters make it easy to manage expanding content.

We worked with Pavelka to develop ideas for how to engage and retain the membership base. An exercise planner allows members to create custom routines, and a meal planner enables them to create weekly meal plans. These features help keep members coming back to the site, as well as giving them a clear plan. Making a plan is one of the first steps towards achieving goals.

Further custom features include members’ private ‘Rooms’, where they can upload photos, write inspiring notes and save favourite bits of content. Forums allow members to interact with one another and provide feedback on the House. An online journal with a goal setting section keeps members focussed and gives them another reason to keep coming back to the site.

6-2 design web design kent Pavelka 3
‘My Room’ allows members to save photos, write inspiring messages and save favourite content.

A large amount of Pavelka’s content is video based. Because the membership site is private, and because Pavelka wanted members to send in their own videos, we decided against using a video host such as YouTube, and instead we created a private video sharing platform just for Pavelka. This gives them complete control over all videos and makes it easy for members to send in their own.

6-2 web design kent Pavelka 6
Pavelka’s private video sharing platform.

The Pavelka House has been integrated with a carefully configured WordPress Content Management System. This enables numerous people within the Pavelka team to create, update and maintain their content. Even the members themselves can create content, although it can only published after a Pavelka team member has reviewed and approved it. We decided to use MemberMouse as the membership platform as it came out of the box with virtually all of the features we required, including different membership levels, different pricing options (pay monthly/ yearly/ one off) and promotional codes.

Today we continue to work with Pavelka, developing new features for the House and its members. We’re proud to be part of an initiative that does so much good for the lives of others.

What they said

“Working with 6-2 design has been an absolute pleasure. Right from the start, Helen, Aaron and the team were passionate about the project and coped admirably with the sometimes vague instructions they were given! As a brand new business, we needed to be fluid as ideas evolved, and 6-2 design adapted with us. 6-2 design have provided us with first-class service, they are friendly and professional at all times and deal rapidly and efficiently with any problems we have. We very much look forward to our continued relationship.”

Jill Tipping, Co-Founder, Pavelka Health Revolution