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Geerings supplies printer and copier services, hotel products and horticultural packaging. The websites we've created have increased their online visibility.

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The home page of Geerings’ corporate site.

The challenge

When we first started working with Geerings, their corporate site didn’t communicate the company’s values and heritage. Their printers and copiers website looked more like a product catalogue and did little to distinguish them from their competitors. Their hotels website was difficult to update in key areas and generated very few sales. Their horticultural department didn’t even have a website. Geerings needed new websites that would overcome these challenges, distinguish them from their competitors, increase their online visibility and drive new enquiries.

How we helped

Geerings corporate website

The corporate website we created for Geerings, geerings.co.uk was designed to function as a landing page to funnel customers to the relevant departments. Many prospects and existing customers will visit the corporate site first, and the clear links at the top of the corporate home page quickly connect them with the right department. The visual design lends a modern edge to their core values of tradition, innovation and quality.

6-2 web design kent Geerings 3
Geerings.co.uk is a responsive site and works across tablets, mobiles and desktops.

Geerings printers and copiers website

We created a new bespoke website for Geerings printers and copiers department, geeringsdigital.co.uk. Geerings provide printer and copier servicing and support, but their old website made them look more like a printer and copier reseller. There was also little to distinguish their website from their competitors’. We changed the focus of their new website towards the people, customer service and Geerings’ phenomenal history and track record.

The photos we took of the team make the site feel personal and trustworthy, and along with the strong visual design, help them to stand out from the competition. Geerings’ online support section is visible throughout the site, providing further reassurance of the importance Geerings attach to customer service and support. Since launching the new site, Geerings have received numerous new enquiries.

6-2 design web design kent Geerings 2
The home page of Geerings’ printers and copiers focusses on the people, support and track record.

Geerings horticultural website

The horticultural department did not have a website prior to the one we created: geeringshortproducts.co.uk. We worked with Geerings to define a style and colour scheme for the site; one which supported their horticultural focus but wasn’t just a sea of green like many of their competitors. The site has a complex user flow, as many of their customers identify themselves by their market sector rather than searching for a specific product, and vice versa. The site we’ve designed supports both of these perspectives. Calls to action are included in the side bars and at the bottom of their key sales pages, along with photos of the team which help to increase trust.

6-2 web design kent Geerings 4
The home page of Geerings Horticultural enables visitors to search for products or by market sector.

Geerings hotels website

We’re currently in the final stages of developing a new e-commerce site for their hotels department. The new design is high impact and luxurious, highlighting the quality of their products whilst emphasising their affordable prices, helping prospects see the value they represent.

What they said

“6-2 design have an excellent process for designing websites. From the kick off meeting to getting ready to launch, they ask intelligent questions and use a variety of fun exercises that get to the core of what we want our website to look like and how it can and should support our business goals and sales process. Every meeting is invigorating and gives us new ideas for how we can further develop our business online and offline. Their communication and management skills are also excellent – we always know what’s happening and when, what the next stage in the process is and what our responsibilities are. It makes the whole process seem very easy. What’s more, our new Copiers department website has already started generating enquiries within just a few months . I can’t recommend 6-2 design highly enough.”

Adam Geerings, Director, Geerings