6-2 design have created a fantastic site that looks great, is easy to update and easy for customers to find what they want

Walter Geering Hotel Supplies

A site that supports Geerings’ commitment to customer service by enabling customers to easily navigate an extensive range of products and purchase online.

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The home page of Walter Geering Hotel Supplies.

The challenge

Walter Geering Hotel Supplies have been providing quality products to the hospitality industry for over 100 years. Their business has continued to evolve to meet customer needs but their old website was struggling to keep pace. Geerings approached us to help improve the online experience, particularly brand experience and navigation. Additionally, they needed an e-commerce and content management system (CMS) that streamlined the content management process and enabled them to work on site optimisation.

How we helped

We developed bespoke e-commerce website, geeringshotelproducts.co.uk. It’s fully responsive so that busy hospitality managers who are on the move are able to use the site on tablets and mobiles as easily as on a desktop in the office.

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Fully responsive on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops

The design effectively communicates the Walter Geering Hotel Supplies brand and values, with a sophisticated colour palette that reflects the quality of the products on offer and helps to create trust in the brand. The extensive range of products is easily navigable through either the header menu or the in page calls to action to allow for the various ways their different customer groups journey through the site.

Page layouts are clean and uncluttered and the attention is drawn to the engaging call to action, facilitating the next stage in the buying process. Customers are able to create an account, creating a streamlined ordering process and tracking. Product pages allow multiple product images and provide logic-based product recommendations.

6-2 design web design kent - Geerings Hotels (3)
Clean and uncluttered pages focus attention on the call to action.

A WordPress Content Management System and WooCommerce e-commerce platform enable the Geerings team to easily upload new content and images and manage shop data using one system, making it a more efficient process as well as allowing for future growth; for example, it’s now easy to create new landing pages for specific keywords and link them directly to products, helping to increase the number of new customers.

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Landing pages optimised for keywords link directly through to products.

What they said

“It has been a pleasure to work with 6-2 on the redesign of our website. Their research into what our business was about and where it was going was both thorough and invaluable. They have created a fantastic site that looks great, is easy to update and easy for customers to find what they want. It also incorporates all the essential technical elements to keep it working well. The team at 6-2 are highly skilled, full of ideas and an asset to their clients.”

Adam Geering, Director, Geerings