6-2 Design's professional approach and customer focus were second to none.


A modern and intuitive website for Envirograf, a leading manufacturer of passive fire prevention products, that has improved navigation and customer satisfaction.

The home page of the Envirograf website.
The home page of the Envirograf website.

The Challenge

Envirograf manufactures a leading range of approximately 140 passive fire protection and prevention products. Their old website made it difficult for customers to find and identify suitable products, meaning their support team received a large number of daily complaint calls from customers who got lost on their website and couldn’t find products they were looking for.

Envirograf wanted to improve the customer experience and reduce the number of complaint calls through a complete redesign that would improve the navigation and usability, offer a seamless search function to help customers identify suitable products and deliver easily digestible online product detail and information.

How We Helped

We designed a bespoke website, www.envirograf.com, with a clean, modern and uncluttered look-and-feel. The home page instantly directs customers to a small number of product categories, which link to a small number of sub categories, which are followed by a list of relevant products. 

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The new website has a clear, modern and uncluttered design

We carefully designed the categories and sub categories based on interviews with Envirograf’s customer support team, making sure that each category was distinct enough to make choosing a category easy (not confusing) and worded so that anyone could understand it (avoiding technical jargon). In addition to the new simpler categories and navigation, we also designed a site search so customers could type in their keywords and instantly see a list of relevant results.

On the product list result pages, we pulled through a short introduction for each product, enabling customers to easily see the differences between products and click on the right one first time. Previously, customers could not see the differences between products, so finding the right product was a long and frustrating process – hence the large number of complaint calls.

Most of Envirograf’s products contain a lot of detailed information. To prevent customers being overwhelmed with too much text, we split the information into different tabs including a short description, advantages and usage instructions. Tabs for videos and case studies also appear providing videos and case studies have been added (they remain hidden otherwise). To further improve the customer experience and make managing the site even quicker, once a product is linked to a case study, the case study automatically links back to the product.

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Case studies automatically link back to products to make managing the site even quicker

Buttons to download technical documents are easily located next to each product, as well as a contact form that enables customers to send any enquiries direct to Envirograf’s customer support team. We integrated the contact forms with Envirograf’s bespoke CRM system, so new enquiries go straight into their system without any need for manually copying and pasting.

The site is fully editable via an enhanced WordPress Content Management System (CMS) which allows the Envirograf team to easily and quickly amend details on the website. It’s designed to be fully responsive, enabling customers to access the site whilst out and about (e.g. on construction sites) on their tablets and mobiles, as well as on a desktop within the office.

The Envirograf website is fully responsive for mobiles, tablets and desktops.
The Envirograf website is fully responsive for mobiles, tablets and desktops.

What they said

“Having a wide range of products in a market that’s not familiar to everyone was creating a serious navigation problem for our customers who were looking at our website.

After a number of meetings with web design companies, we’ve decided to go with 6-2 Design, as their professional approach and customer focus were second to none.

During the design and production process they’ve been in touch regularly to make sure the project runs smoothly and within the timescale.

After launching the new website, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our Distributors who just like us, were very happy with the final result. Also we no longer receive calls from customers who get lost on our website.

Overall we are very happy to recommend 6-2 Design to any other company who is looking to have a professional, easy to navigate website.”

Tomasz Krolak, Web/Graphic Design Co-Ordinator, Envirograf