I couldn’t believe how close the first designs were to my vision.


Brightlife are a leadership consultancy for global blue chip companies. The website we created has generated new enquiries from people they consider to be their prime target market.

6-2 design web design kent Brightlife 2
The home page of Brightlife’s website.

The challenge

Brightlife approached us in 2012 with a website that no longer reflected what they did or stood for and was starting to look tired. Their key website goals were to demonstrate their professional credibility and expert knowledge, encourage prospects to get in contact, and to look distinctive, professional and ‘pure class’ yet still friendly and approachable.

How we helped

In 2013 we created a bespoke website for Brightlife, brightconsultancy.com. Each main service page links to relevant consultants’ profiles, and each consultant’s profile links back to the relevant services they provide. This helps to keep visitors on the site no matter what their entry point, and increases the chance of enquiries because prospects can meet the people behind the company. People buy people, especially when it comes to consultancies.

6-2 design web design kent Brightlife 4
Each service page links to relevant consultants’ profiles. Consultants link back to services they provide.

As calls to action, contact forms are provided at the bottom of each key page alongside a photo of the person they’ll first contact. This helps to increase trust and makes it as easy as possible for prospects to get in touch. The combination of the content, design and calls to action was proven to work effectively, when a short while after launching, Brightlife’s new website started to generate new enquiries from customers they consider to be their prime target market.

The design of Brightlife’s site draws heavily on the brand colours to make it distinctive and vibrant. The use of white space and the Opens Sans font creates a friendly, open and approachable feel to the site. The site has a blog labelled ‘Our Thinking’ to reinforce thought leadership and professional credibility. The site is also fully responsive and adapts to mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, which is particularly important for Brightlife because many of their target clients are high net worth leaders and CEOs who spend less time in front of an office computer and more time on their phones and iPads.

6-2 design web design kent Brightlife 1
Brightlife’s website is fully optimised for mobiles and tablets.

What they said

“It has been an absolute dream to work with 6-2 design. They really grasped what I wanted I couldn’t believe how close the first designs were to my vision. Mere hours after launching our new site, I got this feedback from one of our most valued clients: “Hi Kate, what a wonderful look and feel for your new website. It is hugely  professional and human at the same time. Beautiful photographs of everyone looking stunning and also captures the qualities and personalities of who you all are. I know the website doesn’t make the company but this one captures the essence of what makes Brightlife brilliant, the integrity, professionalism and humanity….why do I get the feeling this is going to grow and grow and grow…” Total proof that the beautiful site 6-2 design have built for us is right on the money.”

Kate Warren, Founder, Brightlife