6-2 design give our brand the 'wow' factor and help us get things done.


Bigatmo sell high performance sunglasses optimised for flying, driving and active lifestyles. Our websites have given them a style that befits their brand and enabled international online sales.

6-2 design web design kent Bigatmo 2
The home page of Bigatmo’s brochure website.

The challenge

We first met Bigatmo in 2010. Although they had a website, it did not reflect their brand, values or the technical excellence of their product. In addition to this, their only method of selling sunglasses was offline via a small number of distributors, which significantly limited their market reach. Over the past four years we’ve been working with Bigatmo, their key goals have been to increase brand awareness, increase sales and improve their value chain relationships with their partners and distributors.

How we helped

We crafted a bespoke brochure website for Bigatmo, bigatmo.com, that’s fully responsive and adapts fluidly to mobiles, tablets and desktops. The website is carefully designed around their brand style and values. A blog captures their exciting global activities and engages with their customers on an ongoing basis, improving brand awareness. The website communicates the technical quality, aesthetic elegance and precision engineering that goes into each pair of sunglasses, helping potential customers see the value of the product and reducing friction around purchasing.

6-2 design web design kent Bigatmo
The Bigatmo site adapts fluidly across mobiles, tablets and desktops.

A key challenge of selling sunglasses online is that they’re a product that requires sensory input – people want to see what the world looks like through Bigatmos before they purchase. We created a custom See the Difference lens demo slider. This allows customers to view a scene with and without Bigatmos, helping customers try before they buy.

6-2 design web design kent Bigamto 3
The ‘See The Difference’ lens demo slider helps customers try before they buy.

Bigatmo’s brochure website links to their bespoke e-commerce store, store.bigatmo.com. The visual design of the store is clean, simple and minimal. A sub navigation on the left hand side allows customers to filter the collection of sunglasses according to frame shape, lens type and other options. The store supports international sales and is fully integrated with their accounting system.

6-2 design web design kent Bigatmo 4
Bigatmo’s e-commerce store enables international sales and integrates with their accounting system.

In order to help Bigatmo improve their internal workflows and relationships with distributors, we created an optician’s login area. This enables opticians to login and quickly order prescription lenses direct from the lens cutter, facilitating and speeding up the ordering process.

6-2 design web design kent Bigatmo 5
The optician’s login area facilitates and speeds up the ordering process.

What they said

“6-2 design have three things hard to find in one web agency: business intelligence, good looking design and superb technical skills. They’re so more that just a delivery service – over the past three years they’ve become our trusted partners and advisers, and have continued to support our increasingly complex technological requirements with clever solutions. They consistently produce excellent work that gives our brand the ‘wow’ factor, supports our business plan and helps us get things done.”

Alistair Carrie, Director, Bigatmo