We’re an in-house team of strategists, artists, engineers, organisers and creative problem solvers. We believe in the power of strategy, code and design to make life better and help businesses grow.

Our team

Aaron Taylor

Managing and technical director
For those who know their Myers-Briggs, I’m a classic ENTP - this means I think big picture and get excited by new ideas, and love working on the strategic side of things. I believe ideas need to be nurtured and guided, and you’ll often hear me say things like “what’s the simplest version of this?” I’m also the key link between design and technical development; responsible for ensuring that everything we imagine can be done, can actually be done.

Helen Fairley

Managing and creative director
It’s my personal mission to make websites easy and pleasant to use. If a customer finds what they want on a website and leaves feeling good, that’s a job well done. I’m a classical artist and care deeply about making stuff look good and checking our designs are pixel perfect. I’m hot on organisation and oversee our projects to ensure they’re delivered to a standard that my mother - a businesswoman and the most organised person I know - would be proud of.

Kathryn Moffat

Project manager
I look after our customers and projects. My background is business and marketing, so I’m able to appreciate the context as well as the detail. I plan, schedule, communicate and generally keep on top of everything so your project is on time, on budget and, most importantly, enjoyable! I love working collaboratively with our customers to deliver creative solutions that help their business grow - knowing you’ve made a real difference is a great feeling.

Rich Green

I'm a tinkerer and natural problem solver; I love nothing more than building things and figuring out what makes things tick. I'm the team's testing and ‘right first time’ champion and strive to write code that can be easily maintained in the future (something that’s a lot harder than it sounds). I often say things like “How can we make it easy for someone to update the code base 3 years from now?” and “I blame Steve” (just kidding).

Nick Templeton

Project manager
As a project manager I'm involved in facilitating key details and communication throughout your projects time in the studio and whenever you need further support. Websites have a profound effect on businesses and it's exciting to work with our clients, executing projects via our brilliant team to achieve highly positive outcomes. I'm currently covering Kathryn whilst she is on maternity.

Mike Reynolds

Design is a vocation and I have 20 years of experience designing almost everything imaginable, including websites, logos, brochures, exhibitions and even board games. Whatever form a website takes, my focus is always on helping the end user whilst remaining client and budget conscious.

Our story

6|2 design’s story started in 2010 when Aaron and Helen (husband and wife co-founders) returned home after working a ski season in France. An old colleague asked them to create a website and – with Helen’s background as a classical artist and business analyst managing large-scale IT projects for Tesco, and Aaron’s background in the world of network engineering and technology – they decided to accept.

One website turned into many more. They hadn’t set out to start a business but within six months they had happy customers, referring them to new customers, and business was growing. They took a step back to review what the local competition was offering. They found designers who couldn’t code, coders who couldn’t design and an endless run of bronze, silver and gold packages forcing businesses into a one-size-fits-all framework; not to mention the horror stories of designers who missed deadlines, failed to communicate or simply disappeared.

They saw an opportunity to build a specialist website design agency that put strategic commercial thinking at its core, with creative design capabilities that were just as strong as their technical abilities, and who delivered with the responsiveness and professionalism they had come to expect from the corporate environment. They registered their partnership and 6|2 design was born.


Today, our strategic commercial approach and our responsiveness and professionalism continue to be two of the now three reasons why customers choose to work with us. The third is our WordPress expertise; as WordPress specialists, we know how to make it even more flexible, powerful, easy, quick and secure than it is out of the box.

Our customers are ambitious SMEs in Kent and the South East, ranging from small startups to established businesses with over 300 staff. Whilst their professions vary, what ties them together is their passion, focus on quality, drive to be the best and instinct to put their customers first.

We’ve grown to a small team of strategists, artists, engineers, organisers and creative problem solvers. We never stop questioning what we do or how we do it in search of a better way; we shun the comfort zone in favour of learning, growing and change; we nurture open and honest teamwork in pursuit of common goals; we have short lead times and hate wasting time; and we genuinely love what we do and have fun at work.