We're different from most web designers,
blending three traditionally distinct talents in one place:

Intelligent strategy

The success of your website starts with finding out why you need a website, what’s in your business plan and how your current sales process works.  When you work with us, we ask you who your target audience is, what they care about and why they want to buy.  We don’t ask questions like “So, how many pages do you want?” here.

You’re the one who’s built up a successful business. We’re the ones with the expertise to advise you on how your website should be built so it performs as an effective marketing tool that engages with your target audience and keeps them on your site, not your competitors’.

Gorgeous design

You want your website to look great, too. We excel at creating beautiful, clean, usable graphics that make your company look good and help your target clients feel that they like you, trust you and want to do business with you.

Of course, design is not just about how it looks – it’s about how it works. We understand the psychology behind how people engage with websites and we create customer journeys that easily guide your target clients through your website, quickly connect them with the information they’re looking for and ultimately drive them towards buying, enquiring or subscribing.

Rock solid code

Just like houses are built from bricks and mortar, the Web is built from code. And just like the most inspiring architect’s designs amount to nothing without the expertise of a structural engineer to bring them to life, your website needs experienced coders with a deep technical understanding to turn your designs into reliable, rock solid code.

It’s our responsibility to help guide your ideas into things that can be realistically and practically achieved. We’re digital engineers; we pride ourselves on writing secure, smart, reliable code that just works, and goes on working, for you.

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Giving a global brand the style that befits their product and enabling international online sales for Bigatmo, a high performance sunglasses brand.

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6-2 design give our brand the “wow” factor and help us get things done.

Bigatmo sell high performance sunglasses optimised for flying, driving and active lifestyles. When we first met Bigatmo in 2010, their product was in the final stages of prototyping and their key goal was to increase brand awareness with a new website. We crafted a bespoke website carefully designed around their brand style and values, that told their story and communicated the quality, elegance and precision engineering that went into each pair of sunglasses.

After Bigatmo launched, their goals naturally extended towards selling more sunglasses. We designed and developed an e-commerce store capable of international sales that is fully integrated with their accounting system. We enhanced their original website with a custom See the Difference lens demo slider, allowing customers to view a scene with and without Bigatmo’s to increase desire for the product.

In 2013, Bigatmo’s goals evolved again towards improving their internal workflows and value chain relationships. We developed an optician’s area that enables opticians to login and quickly order prescription lenses direct from the lens cutter, facilitating the ordering process and improving Bigatmo’s relationships with their distributors. We also designed a blog that captures the exciting global activities of Bigatmo and engages with their customers.

Visit the Bigatmo website or visit the Bigatmo e-commerce store. Don’t forget to check out the Bigatmo blog or the Bigatmo optician’s area

“6-2 design have three things hard to find in one web agency: business intelligence, good looking design and superb technical skills. They’re so more that just a delivery service – over the past three years they’ve become our trusted partners and advisers, and have continued to support our increasingly complex technological requirements with clever solutions. They consistently produce excellent work that gives our brand the “wow” factor, supports our business plan and helps us get things done.”

Alistair Carrie, Director


Letting high worth executives know they are making the right choice with Brightlife, a leadership consultancy for global blue chip companies.

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I couldn’t believe how close the first designs were to my vision.

Brightlife provide coaching services to individuals in global blue chip companies such as Cisco who want to lead with authenticity and create high performing organisational cultures. Their key website goals were to demonstrate Brightlife’s professional credibility and expert knowledge, to encourage prospects to get in contact, and to look distinctive, professional and “pure class” yet still friendly and approachable.

In 2013 we created a bespoke website for Brightlife. Each of the main service pages contains links to other related services and consultants’ profiles, and each consultant’s profile links back to the services they provide. This helps to keep visitors on the site no matter what their entry point, and increases the chance prospects will get in contact because they can meet and see the people behind the service – people buy people. Contact forms are provided at the bottom of each key page (with a photo of the person they’ll have first contact with to increase trust) making it as easy as possible for prospects to get in contact.

Our design drew heavily on the brand colours to make it distinctive and vibrant, and our use of white space and the Opens Sans font creates a friendly, open and approachable feel to the site. The site has a blog labelled “Our Thinking” to create connotations with thought leadership and professional credibility. The site is also fully responsive and adapts to mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Having a website that’s optimised for mobiles and tablets is particularly important for Brightlife, because many of their target clients are high net worth leaders and CEO’s who spend less time in front of an office computer and more time on their phones and ipads.

Visit the Brightlife website


“It has been an absolute dream to work with 6-2 design. They really grasped what I wanted I couldn’t believe how close the first designs were to my vision. Mere hours after launching our new site, I got this feedback from one of our most valued clients: “Hi Kate, what a wonderful look and feel for your new website. It is hugely  professional and human at the same time. Beautiful photographs of everyone looking stunning and also captures the qualities and personalities of who you all are. I know the website doesn’t make the company but this one captures the essence of what makes Brightlife brilliant, the integrity, professionalism and humanity….why do I get the feeling this is going to grow and grow and grow…” Total proof that the beautiful site 6-2 design have built for us is right on the money.”

Kate Warren, Founder


A bespoke website for Jessie Pavelka’s new brand, the Pavelka Health Revolution, to take bookings for workshops and engage with his target audience.

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6-2 were passionate about the project and provided us with first-class service

Jessie Pavelka is a fitness expert who has teamed up with Jill Tipping, Director of charity HOOP (UK), to develop the Pavelka Health Revolution – a range of workshops, seminars and a soon to be launched membership website which supports those who want to lose weight and live life more healthily.

Their key goals for their brochure website were to increase the number of bookings for their workshops, to promote their new brand and to engage with their target audience. And they needed to do it quick – the first phase of the website had to be launched within just a few weeks of initiating the project, to allow as much time as possible for bookings.

We created a bespoke website for the Pavelka Health Revolution with a friendly, approachable, modern look-and-feel. Comments and social sharing have been included on the News feed and Blog to increase audience engagement, and the site is fully responsive, adapting to mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Throughout the whole site, key calls to action including applying for a workshop and subscribing to their mailing list are highlighted. Their first set of workshops were almost fully booked within just a few weeks, and the number of people who have subscribed to their mailing list via the website has already gone into the 1000′s.

Visit the Pavelka Health Revolution website

“Working with 6-2 Design has been an absolute pleasure. Right from the start, Helen, Aaron and the team were passionate about the project and coped admirably with the sometimes vague instructions they were given! As a brand new business, we needed to be fluid as ideas evolved, and 6-2 Design adapted with us. 6-2 Design have provided us with first-class service, they are friendly and professional at all times and deal rapidly and efficiently with any problems we have. We very much look forward to our continued relationship.”

Jill Tipping, Co Founder

Custodian Data Centre

Giving an award winning data centre an award worthy makeover to impress big business prospects and showcase their power, space and connectivity.

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Custodian Data Centre

A dynamic design that gives us an edge over our competitors’ sites.

Custodian Data Centre is a state of the art Data Centre offering power, space and connectivity for business critical data. In 2012 we started working with Custodian to redesign their website. One of their key goals was to have a state of the art website that reflected the state of the art resources and technology in the Data Centre.

We created a series of bespoke designs for mobiles, tablets, laptops and widescreen monitors with a strong focus on high impact visuals, sharp lines and loading animation effects. When developing the site, we implemented device and browser feature detection to ensure the optimal experience across different platforms.

We also worked with Custodian to plan how their pages, menus and navigation should be organised to make it easy for their customers to find what they were looking for, and included the option for contact forms on each page to encourage prospects to get in contact.

Visit the Custodian website. Check it out on your phone or tablet too.

“6-2 Design offered us a dynamic design which would enable us to have an edge over our competitors’ sites and show off how cool IT can really be. Helen and Aaron made sure that they were always available to answer queries and make changes as and when required. They provided a personal experience throughout, it was refreshing being able to describe exactly what you want to the people who implemented the changes.”

Holly Garstang, Sales Executive

Slim Sam’s Cakery

Helping an ambitious, talented new brand of delicious low fat cakes sell their product to a wider audience.

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Slim Sam’s Cakery

We absolutely love our site. More importantly, so do our customers.

Slim Sam’s Cakery makes cakes in a cup that are less fat and even more delicious. Their key goals were to increase brand awareness, to start selling their cakes to a wider audience, to bring the visual design of the website in line with their brand style and values, and to have greater control over updating all parts of the website content (which was sometimes difficult on their old site).

In 2013, we designed and developed a bespoke e-commerce site that allows Slim Sam’s to sell their cakes direct to customers across the UK. New products, changes to existing products and special promotions can easily be added at any time. The rest of the pages, including the moving home page image slider, are also fully editable, so Slim Sam’s can make changes the instant they’re needed.

The visual design of the site had to strike a careful balance of looking both up-market and hand crafted – but not so up-market it appeared clinical, and not so hand crafted it appeared “cutesy”.  The final visual design of the site does just that thanks to our iterative and collaborative design process.

Visit the Slim Sam’s Cakery website

“We needed to update our website to include e-commerce and improve the look of the site to more effectively market our products. Having worked with 6-2 Design on copy for our marketing material, it was a straight forward choice to commission them for this project. They were keen to learn about our products and guided us through the specification process to ensure we got the website we wanted. They came up with some great ideas and delivered each stage on time and on budget. We had fun along the way and we absolutely love our site. More importantly, so do our customers.”

Sami Patel, Director

Vinters Business Park

Helping Vinters Business Park, who rent high quality office space, an ultra contemporary website to attract more quality leads from large professional firms.

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Vinters Business Park

6-2 design's commitment and professionalism contributed to a successful result for our busines

Vinters Business Park offer high quality, contemporary office space to rent in the prestigious premises of the Maidstone TV Studios. Vinters already receive a large number of daily leads from businesses looking for offices to rent, so their goal for their new website was to showcase Vinters Business Park as being the ultra contemporary high spec office space it was in order to attract more quality leads from larger professional firms.

We designed and developed a bespoke website for Vinters with a minimal, modern, technical look-and-feel. The diagonal lines create a distinctive motif for the site and give it a contemporary twist that instantly sets their website apart from their competitors’. The content is broken down into a number of short sections and provides prospects with key information and valuable benefits in a quick and easily digestible format. The website is also fully responsive and fluidly adapts for mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Visit the Vinters Business Park website

“At Vinters Business Park we wanted our new website to be designed in a way that would truly reflect the quality and excellence of the office development we have created here within the Maidstone Studios campus. 6-2 Design accurately translated those thoughts and ideas into an exciting and vibrant visual realisation, adapted to a multi-device presentation. Their commitment and professionalism contributed to a successful result for our business.”

Rowland Kinch, CEO


A minimal, attractive, unique website that appeals to the luxury clients of Orama – a video producer and YouTube engagement expert.

Featured images Think Tall FilmsMore
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A unique combination of technical expertise, design flair and advice we couldn't find anywhere else

Orama specialise in creating videos that get watched organically on YouTube. Their key goals for their new website were to have a website that appealed to their luxury and hospitality target clients, accurately reflected who they were and what they did, and gave them a much greater level of control when updating their site.

We designed a bespoke website for Orama with a full screen video header that stands out from the vast majority of other video production agencies’ websites. The blog enables Orama to regularly and easily publish industry thoughts and advice, helping them draw closer to one of their key business goals of being regarded as an industry leader. Almost all aspects of the content can be edited directly by Orama, giving them the power and flexibility of updating their website whenever they need to.

Visit the Orama website.

“As a video production focusing on hospitality and luxury clients, we were looking for a new website that was both visually attractive and technically robust. The solution was brought to us by 6- 2 Design thanks to a unique combination of technical expertise, design flair and advice that we couldn’t find anywhere else. The final website and blog was delivered on budget and on schedule and it is a great marketing asset for our company. It is also very user friendly allowing us to update it and tweak it with minimal resources.”

George Aliferis, Producer


Increasing inquiries and supporting existing customers through a corporate website and multiple department websites for Geerings.

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6-2 design get to the core of how our website can and should support our business goals.

For over a century, Geerings have supplied businesses across the South East with print related services and exceptional customer service. The company has three main departments – Copier and Printers, Hotel products and Horticultural products – and a separate IT company that supplies print related software.

We started work with Geerings in 2012. Their key goal was to quickly direct online customers to correct department and communicate the company’s values and heritage. We helped them achieve this by designing a new corporate website optimised for mobiles, tablets and desktops that has clear links to each department.

Next we designed the Copiers and printers department website. One of the key goals was to generate trust in prospects, as many would have had bad experiences with other less reputable Copier providers in the past making them suspicious of the industry. We advised Geerings to include lots of photos of the team to make the site more personal and trustworthy, and developed an online support section that helps their existing clients as well as showing prospects the exceptional levels of customer service they would receive. Since launching the new site, Geerings have already received a number of new enquiries.

We are currently working with Geerings to develop their new IT and Horticultural websites.

Visit Geerings corporate site or visit the Copier and printer department website. Don’t forget to check out the Copiers online support section

“6-2 design have an excellent process for designing websites. From the kick off meeting to getting ready to launch, they ask intelligent questions and use a variety of fun exercises that get to the core of what we want our website to look like and how it can and should support our business goals and sales process. Every meeting is invigorating and gives us new ideas for how we can further develop our business online and offline. Their communication and management skills are also excellent – we always know what’s happening and when, what the next stage in the process is and what our responsibilities are. It makes the whole process seem very easy. What’s more, our new Copiers department website has already started generating enquiries within just a few months . I can’t recommend 6-2 design highly enough.”

Adam Geering, Director

Fleet Trak

Helping a top UK TomTom reseller expand their share of the corporate market, support their sales team and modernise their image.

Featured image Fleet TrakMore
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Fleet Trak

6-2 design were able to understand what we wanted. They just got it.

Fleet Trak are one of the UK’s top TomTom resellers and service providers. Their key business goal was to expand their share of the corporate market, and their key website goals were to support the sales team (both before and during sales appointments), to sharpen and modernise the company image, and to highlight the ROI customers could expect from Fleet Trak’s services.

In 2012 we developed a bespoke website for Fleet Trak which has a modern, professional and approachable visual design and works across all devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops).

The value proposition on the home page grabs customers’ interest by highlighting the benefits of Fleet Trak’s services, and the main call to action on the home page tells customers what to do next, helping to keep people on the website. Internal calls to action drive customers to use the savings calculator to see the ROI the company could make by installing TomTom equipment across their vehicle fleet, giving customers an instant business case. The calculator is also an excellent sales tool for Fleet Trak’s sales teams during appointments.

Visit the Fleet Trak website

“I’m really pleased with our new website. 6-2 design were able to understand what I wanted – they just got it. They translated our ideas into a visual design that makes our company look good and conveys the right message. TomTom, our supplier, now regularly refers the other distributors to our website, saying this is one of the top examples of a reseller website and that their sites should be more like ours. 6-2 design are also top guys to work with – friendly, efficient and professional. Definitely recommended.”

Sean Malone, Director

Building in Context

Helping English Heritage and their partners modernise their initiative’s image and better communicate their message.

Featured images Building in ContextMore
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Building in Context

Excellent customer service, with clear communication at all times.

Building in Context is is a toolkit that helps local authorities, developers and communities to enhance new development proposals. Their old website was in need of a makeover, and their key goals for a new website were to modernise their initiative’s image, to better communicate their message and to be able to easily update their website content in house.

In 2013, we designed and built a WordPress powered website with a light, bright, vibrant colour scheme and a visual design that is both authoritative and accessible. We recommended pulling key areas of content that were hidden in their old website into highly visible introductions in their new website, and including plenty of visual photos with supporting captions, in order to better engage with their visitors, communicate their message and showcase the projects they’ve been involved with. All the content, including all the images and text, can easily be updated by the client through WordPress.

Visit the Building in Context website

“We were looking for a fresh approach to the Building in Context website. 6-2 design responded to that challenge, but also recognised the importance of maintaining the knowledge base on the site. Easy to use and navigate, response to the re-launched site is positive. Excellent customer service, with clear communication at all times.”

Chris Lamb, Director, Kent Architecture Centre

The Village Chippy

Increasing year on year sales with a steady weekly stream of web enquiries for a mobile fish and chips van.

Featured images The Village ChippyMore
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The Village Chippy

Year on Year sales are up and we receive a steady weekly stream of web enquiries.

The Village Chippy provides a mobile fish and chip catering service to customers throughout East Kent. Their key goals were to increase the number of online leads and to step up their game against their competitors.

In 2011, after analysing the websites of their competitors and identifying some common themes, we designed a bespoke website that looked visually distinct and helped the Village Chippy to stand out. Our design was light, bright and modern and created desire for the food through indulgent language and tempting photos of delicious fish and chips. It also visually and verbally communicated the professionalism of the company – an important factor for prospects when deciding which company to hire as no-one wants to be let down by their caterer in front of their friends or colleagues.

A quick quote form makes it easy for prospects to get in touch with the Village Chippy and request a quote, and the site has been generating a steady stream of enquiries since it launched resulting in bookings for the next 18 months.

Visit the Village Chippy website

“Year on Year sales are up and we receive a steady weekly stream of web enquiries. The website has raised our profile and we often receive National quotation enquiries – in fact we are often asked whether we are a Franchised business as the website is very professional compared to our competitors. Countless customers have told us how good the website looks and how it has made the decision to book us easier. All in all we are very happy with the service we received and we would definitely recommend you.”

Gary Yardley, Director

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Developing a quicker, more effective platform and making the site easier to update for Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, a London based tech PR agency.

Featured images RLYLMore
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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

We’re delighted with how functional our new website is – it’s much easier to update.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry build brands through creative PR for companies in the technology, media and telecoms sectors. Their old website had irresolvable issues in the code base, and whilst they were happy with the visual look and feel, they needed a new platform that would work quickly, reliably and securely, be able to support the enhanced functionality they were looking for, and be easier for them to update and control.

We started by creating a series of functional wireframes that planned how each page should work to support prospects’ goals and the client’s business goals. Much of this involved improving the navigation and the options available to prospects on each page. Previously, many of the pages had been a “dead end”, requiring visitors to keep clicking the back button to navigate the site. Now, visitors are easily able to browse Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s case studies, news and blogs. On each item they can click to see the next or previous item, filter by category and get in touch, all from the same page.

When it came to the build, we used the latest technologies and languages to build a secure, quick, reliable website platform. Almost all of the content can be updated via an enhanced WordPress Content Management System, empowering Red Lorry Yellow Lorry to make changes as soon as they’re needed and not a moment later.

Visit the Red Lorry Yellow Lorry website

We first came across 6-2 Design on the back of a recommendation and we weren’t disappointed. 6-2 Design have been great to work with, always quick and responsive. We’re delighted with how functional our new website is – it’s much easier to update and we’ve not had any security problems since going live, something we had a lot of before! We’ve also already generated a solid lead through the contact forms they recommended adding to the site, so overall we’re really pleased.

Hannah King, Marketing Director

Our Process

Our iterative, phased approach to projects empowers us
to deliver higher quality websites quicker.

1 Research

Tell us about your key challenges and problems, the results you’re looking to achieve in your business plan and how your current sales process works. Tell us about who your target audience is, what they care about and why they want to buy. We’ll put together a specification that outlines how your website should be built to perform as an effective marketing tool.

2 Plan

When you’re happy to go ahead, we kick off by discussing your website features, functionality and pages in more detail. Rather than taking a traditional “waterfall” approach where everything is delivered in one go (increasing time and complexity) we strategically decide how to break the project into smaller, manageable phases, the first phase being highest priority.

3 Content

Your customers all visit your website for one reason – to get information. Planning your website content is therefore absolutely crucial. After understanding more about your services, products and target customers, we create an itemised list of all the pages your website should contain, detailing their phase and their key messages and objectives.

4 Design

We explore your design and aesthetic preferences and how you want to be seen by your target audience. This involves looking at other design styles and websites. We then create three unique initial concept designs, one of which will be developed into a final set of visuals as part of an iterative, collaborative process that gives you maximum input.

5 Build and launch (1)

We create live, working prototypes for the first phase of your website, enabling you to test that it’s simple and easy to use and works the way you want before you sign it off. We then rapidly finish styling, building and testing the first phase of your website. Often within a matter of weeks of starting this phase, your site will be ready to go live.

6 Build and launch (2)

We then move onto developing the second phase of your website. By now you’ll have had some time to live with your new website and get feedback. This is incredibly valuable and helps shape how we do things in the second phase. You’ll be able to review and approve all the second phase additions on our test servers before going live.

7 Build and launch (3)

Finally we move onto the third phase. Typically, at this stage many clients find that some of the original things planned for this phase are no longer needed, and that new opportunities have arisen. The flexible nature of our phased approach really adds value here, allowing you to add what’s needed and cut what’s not.

8 Support

Our ongoing website support packages give you everything you need for complete peace for mind, including: managed website hosting, website updates, twice yearly code upgrades, regular monthly checks for issues, bug fixing and customer support, all for one fixed monthly fee.

9 Develop

Your new site is really just the beginning. Long term, we aim to become your trusted partner who understands your business and goals, advises you on the important changes and opportunities in the digital world, and delivers ongoing website development services that help to grow your business.


What does it cost?

A bespoke website typically costs between £5,000 – £15,000 plus VAT. Payments can be made in full during the project or spread over 9 months. We also offer ongoing services to develop and improve existing websites from £350 plus VAT per month.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation. At that point we’ll be able to give you some broad outline costs and we’ll follow this up by a more detailed written quote. Call us on 01233 333824 to arrange your free consultation.

Will I like the design?

It’s important to us that you like the design of your website, and it’s also important that your target customers like the design.

We’ve developed a unique three stage process that gives you maximum input over the design whilst still ensuring it will appeal to your target audience and gain their trust. The three stages – Exploration, Ideas and Design – all require your input, reviews and feedback. Nothing gets signed off or moves onto the next stage until you’re 100% happy.

How do you work?

There’s a certain amount of work at the start of the project to plan the scope, size and content and create the visual design guidelines.

After that, we work in phases – building, testing and putting live the high priority items before moving onto the medium. We put your site live quicker and with less stress than delivering absolutely everything in one go. It’s kinder on your time and resources, and avoids a situation where there’s lots of pressure in the last month to get every last detail finalised.

How long will the project take?

Because of our phased approach, we can often design, build, test and put the first phase of your new website live within just 1 – 2 months from the day you sign the contract. Future phases are then rolled out as quickly as possible.

The overall time of your project depends on the total size and scope. Simpler, smaller websites may take up to 2 – 3 months in total. Larger, more complex sites may take up to 3 – 4 months. A rule of thumb is the more pages your website has, the longer it will take.

What’s the impact on my time?

If you’re Director level, you’d typically need to dedicate 2 – 4 man days in total, with the majority of that spent in the first 2 months for the first phase of work, and the rest in the remaining phases.

There will be 2 – 4 more man days required for general project comm’s and fine tuning details. This could be handled by your sales, marketing or IT teams, or by yourself if you’d like to be more directly involved. Writing your own website copy will add on more time.

Help! I don't speak jargon ...

We don’t use technical website jargon when we speak and we always explain how things work in plain English.

Alistair Carrie, Director of Bigatmo, told us “You explained things in real English so we could understand what was going on and what the options and implications were.” Adam Geering, Director of Geerings, said “You took hours of your time to explain things to us and didn’t take it for granted that we understood how websites work.”

About us

We believe in the power - and magic - of code and design to solve everyday business problems and make life better.


Director and Chief Techie

“I develop ideas and strategies”


I’m Aaron, and for those who know their Myers-Briggs, I’m a classic ENTP — this means I think big picture and get terribly exited by new ideas, and work closely with Helen on the strategic side of things. I love and respect ideas and believe that they need to be nurtured and guided, so you’ll often hear me say things like “what’s the simplest version of this?” I’m also the key link between design and technical development; I’m as comfortable designing interfaces as I am coding them up, and I’m responsible for ensuring that everything that we imagine can be done, can actually be done…


Director and Designer

“I design and organise things”


Hi, I’m Helen, and it’s my personal mission to make the web easy and pleasant to use (I’ve spent years battling computer programmes that baffled and confused me). If a customer uses a website and leaves feeling good, that’s a job well done! I’m also an artist (illustration and oil painting) which means I really care about making stuff look good and checking our designs are pixel perfect. I’m hot on organisation (I have my mother and grandmother’s genes to thank for that) and I’m the one who makes sure our projects run on time and lets our team and clients know what’s happening when and who’s responsible for what.



"I make sure our sites are right first time"


Hi, I’m Steve. I’m in charge of coding up our websites and maintaining our live sites. I’m always looking out for ways we can keep improving our process for quality assurance – making sure that when we hand over a website, it’s right first time. This isn’t just a matter of making sure there are no bugs, but really understanding our clients and their businesses to pre-empt how they would want things to work. This suits me perfectly as I love working with people as much as code.


Developer and Interface Designer

"I'm in charge of our coding standards"


Hi, I’m James, and I live and breath code. I’ve been coding for as long as I can remember – not just for websites but for games and apps too – and I’m happiest when I’m working on cutting edge projects. I have impeccably high standards when it comes to code, and it’s my personal mission to standardise, strengthen and streamline our coding standards here at 6-2 design. Neat, well written, efficient code makes me happy and makes the world a happy place.


Freelance Developer

“I love quality control checklists”


Hi, I’m Hakki. I work with 6-2 Design as a freelancer. I’ve been in the IT world since the age of 7 and have been working in the IT field for many years now. Web development is one of my strong passions. I work with the whole team and especially Aaron on the development and coding side of things and Helen on the design side. Every time we put a site live I feel the same excitement, and I’m a huge advocate of having quality control checklists in place to make sure everything gets done right first time. I also love tricky challenges and problem shooting until we have that light bulb moment.


Freelance Developer

“I help make things easier for our clients”


Hi, I’m Michal and I work with 6-2 Design as a freelancer. I love WordPress – the Content Management System that runs all our websites. The best way to build a website backend is to make things as easy and efficient as possible for the client to update, and I spend many hours discussing this with Helen. I work alongside Aaron and the rest of the technical team to build, test and deploy our sites and make sure they run lightning fast. Aaron and I work especially closely when we’re debugging a site or creating some especially complex functionality or exciting new scripts.

Sleeping Giant

S.E.O. Partner

“We get the right type of traffic to your site”


Hi, we’re Sleeping Giant Media, 6-2 design’s search engine optimisation (SEO) partner. We’re all about getting more of the right type of traffic to your site and converting more of that traffic into leads. We’re strong on analysis and give you transparent monthly reports that show you exactly what we’ve been doing, the results we’ve achieved and the impact on your bottom line. We specialise in pay per click campaign management, SEO and social media. Search marketing plays a major part in the long term success of your site, and we get under the skin of your business, customers and goals to drive GIANT results.

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  • 6-2 Design
  • Repton Manor
  • Repton Avenue
  • Ashford, Kent
  • TN23 3GP
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As you turn into Repton Avenue, Waitrose will be on your left, and you’ll see an old brick building straight ahead of you – that’s us, Repton Manor. The car park is round the back of the building, to the left. Don’t worry about the clamping signs – as our guest, your car will be safe. The entrance is at the front – buzz 6-2 Design.